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Managements’ Statement

When pursuing economic performance, we also combine social justice and environmental sustainability in our important business strategies. Realize corporate social responsibility, personally supervised by the general manager. The Board of Directors regularly reviews the company policies, direction of development, and effectiveness of CSR practice. Combine CSR with routine operations is one of the important circle.
As a semiconductor testing service company, electricity and a small amount of water is our main use of environmental resources. However, we make great efforts to save energy and reduce and recycle waste in all parts of our operational activities. We are committed to the sustainable goals of energy saving, waste reduction and recycling. Faced with the impacts and crises of climate change, Ardentec will actively seek breakthrough energy-saving opportunities and reduce the impact and risks on its operations.
Employees are the important partner of Ardentec, respect, fairly without discrimination, provide excellent treatment and care employees’ physical and mental balance are the basis principles. Ethics and corporate governance are the foundation of our business philosophy. All employees concur with the core value of integrity, righteousness, and care; observe the law and uphold ethics, and object to corruption and bribery. We reject corruption, and our employees practice the principle of heavy law and heavy morality from daily life and operational activities. Faced with the ever-changing impacts and risks of the science and technology industry, the management team takes morality as the concept, and uses legality as the means to govern the company. Leads the implementation of the implementation of all employees' partners. It is the everlasting management force of Ardentec.
We are glad that all employees not only find their interest and vision from work, and gradually integrate environmental protection concepts, actions and daily activities. Employees took the family together to serve the community and began to feedback local area. They continued to participate in social welfare activities such as caring of the disadvantaged and education support in various ways. They continued to practice corporate social responsibilities in a concrete manner, and deepened them into the main culture of the Ardentec.
We recognize that the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is committed to a comprehensive corporate social responsibility mission with a responsible supply chain concept. We follow the RBA Code of Conduct to establish Ardentec's “CSR Code of Conduct”, and to achieve full compliance with operational guidelines. We also encourage and support suppliers to implement the “Supplier CSR Code of Conduct”. In the process of pursuing sustainable goals for business, society, and the environment, we are fortunate to collaborate with many important customer partners who value corporate social responsibility and learn from each other, in addition to self-expectations and requirements. Learn from each other. We also combine sustainable ideas with our suppliers' partners to gradually expand the environmental and social sustainability practices and allow more corporate citizens to pursue a better society together. From world-class customers to Ardentec, we combine suppliers to form a supply chain that fulfills corporate social responsibility and sustainable environment.